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Christina Harrison: Listen to cds

Lassie Wi' the Lint-white Locks

Wee Folk Songs for Kids All Ages

Doon In Egilsay St.

Treacle Toffee Macaroni/Mairzy Dotes/Little Sir Echo

Skyscraper Wean

Red Yo Yo

Puff The Magic Dragon

The Unicorn

Coulter's Candy

My Hamburger Mooed At Me


Dark Disco

Teddy's Song

October Winds

Someday I'm Going Home

Without Love

Don't Let the Sun Go Down Upon Your Anger

Someday I'm Going Home

Perfect Love Affair

Keeping Track


I Shouldn't Have Treated You So

The Housewife's Life's Sae Boring

American Dream

Walk On The Water

How Do You Love Your Children

Nothing In The Soul

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