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Christina Harrison: Listen to cds

Mrs. Paterson's Daughter - Memoirs of a Glasgow Bairn - A 2007 PARENTS' CHOICE APPROVED AWARD WINNER

My Pal Nessie

Tune of the Garden Fairies

Bed in the Summer

Taladh Chrisoda (Christ Child's Lullaby)

A Different Pair of Eyes

Mrs Paterson's Daughter

Egilsay St.

Double Decker

Owls in the Wardrobe

All That I Can Do

Betty Bought A Bit of Butter

(Sarah Gibb)

Kippers and Herring

Christmas in the Tenements

One Potato Two

(Sarah Gibb)

Wee Folk Songs for Kids All Ages

Doon In Egilsay St.

Treacle Toffee Macaroni/Mairzy Dotes/Little Sir Echo

Skyscraper Wean

Red Yo Yo

Puff The Magic Dragon

The Unicorn

Coulter's Candy

My Hamburger Mooed At Me


Dark Disco

Teddy's Song

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